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One of the many challenges with BSS product catalogues is that they are not built for omni-channel e-commerce. They lack the product information for a complete customer journey and rich content for search engine optimization. Gomibo’s catalogue complements your existing BSS product catalogue with all the relevant information and bridges the gap between your BSS and channels, whether it be for B2C or B2B.

Our product catalogue and sorting algorithm is so powerful that it unlocks complete new customer journeys. Personalize your offers and promotions to individuals or closed user groups. Recommend relevant add-ons to increase ARPU or allow your customers to search thru millions of combinations at once. Retrieve eligibility from your BSS or use our ARPU based product recommendation system to allow customers to change their subscription.

In our landmark implementation customers are able to filter through 17 million combinations of devices and subscriptions at once to find what they truly want.

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